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Trusted, professional and reliable Car Key Cutting

If you need a new key for your car, whether its been lost, stolen or even just a spare, City Auto Locksmiths provides a fast and affordable service to customers in south east London, Kent and the surrounding areas.
Thanks to our fleet of technicians and specialist equipment, we can make a new key for your vehicle when you need it.
Our technicians can come to you on the roadside if you need a key replacement service. Or stop by our Abbeywood office by appointment only, for spares or immobiliser work.  

Key Fixing Services

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City Auto Locksmiths Replacement

City Auto Locksmiths Repair

City Auto Locksmiths Programming

City Auto Locksmiths Cutting

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Motercycle Key Replacement

Lost Stolen Car key and Vehicle Security

Theft Protection Immobiliser System

Vehicle Tracking

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