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 Please do not worry about it! We are here to help you with this. → We can help you quickly and ensure that your vehicle is protected and restored to full functionality. → If your car keys have been lost or stolen, we strongly recommend that you change or recode your vehicle’s locking units and deactivate all old keys. → with recoding, we ensure that any unauthorised access is prevented, including opening and starting the vehicle → with our advanced car locksmith service, we can be with you within a few hours.

Our premium services includes

By Re-programming the transponders, we erase the ‘memory’ of the vehicle. This way, lost or stolen keys are no longer accepted by the vehicle’s immobiliser.

Re-synchronisation of the key fob remote control – lost or stolen remote controls are no longer recognised by the vehicle.

Replacement and / or re-coding of the ignition lock, boot or glove box.

Re-cutting and reprogramming of two new keys for your vehicle.


In recent years, many vehicle manufacturers have used plastic keys without a visible blade.

However, every car has an emergency lock hidden in the plastic key, which can be used to operate a cylinder in the concealed door handle if the central locking with remote control no longer works (e.g. because of a flat battery).


Recently, we have noticed that more and more insurance companies are offering car key protection as part of insurance policies or as a separate car key insurance policy to cover unfortunate situations where Car keys have been lost or stolen. Insurers can also cover the complete replacement or recoding of locks, so you can be sure that lost or stolen car keys will not be able to operate your door locks, central locking systems and immobilisers. we are an insurance backed company

Your insurance policy will give you a detailed breakdown of cover – and if you are covered, you can claim back the cost of replacing your car key and replacing your car lock.

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  • We are fast! Wherever you are in London, we can reach you within an hour.
  • Not only can we reach you quickly, we can solve the problem within hours!
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    We are equipped with the latest software and equipment.
  • We can repair any make and model up to date.