They don’t make them like they used to! That’s the  main difference between old door locks and modern door locks. Unfortunatly its a fact modern types of door locks and ignition barrels will break or Seize up more often than before. If and when this happens to you, don’t panic, we can sort out most issues. As we carry most of the commonly used locks and ignitions, this can often be fixed or replaced same day at the roadside. So don’t panic, give us a call. 


If the car door lock or ignition becomes seized or wont turn 
Call us and we will be at your place within an hour! What we do in different scenarios is:

  • remove any broken parts of key that may be stuck in the lock
  • Depending on the make and model, we replace the lock cylinder or replace the entire lock, including the ignition switch.
  • We cut and program new car keys that work with both the lock cylinder and the ignition switch. If necessary
  • If replacement locks are needed we can cut a new key blade as required.


  • Get your keys  Re-cut and replaced from time to time.
  • Locks need maintenance due to constant use, or seized due to no use, so lubricate from time to time.
  • used the remote to unlock car as much as possible but occasionally use emergency key to get in to keep the lock moving, this will prevent the lock from seizing.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are fast! Wherever you are in South East London and Kent, we can reach you within an hour.
  • Not only can we reach you quickly, we can solve the problem within hours!
  • We have trained, professional and qualified technicians at your service.
  • We are equipped with the latest software and equipment.
  • We can repair any make and model up to date.

Ford and VW Ignition replacement specialists

We are the South East and Kent specialists in Ford and VW ignition repair and replacement. these are probably the  2 most common ignitions to fail, this is most likely because they are 2 of the most loved and owned car brands. With this in mind we have undertaken much training to separate us from other companies, we offer a same day service to repair or replace Ford and VW ignitions. There aren’t many issues you could have that we haven’t dealt with on many occasions.

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Mercedes ESL Electronic Steering Lock Fail

Mercedes steering locks suffer from seizing as well, although this type of lock is electronic and works via an IR signal they are prone to seize. symptoms include key not turning, key turning but no lights on dashboard, steering lock not releasing or the familialr buzz not being heard. They all result in the same thing… car won’t start. City autolockmiths can come to your location and replace the steering lock with a coded emulator enabling you to start your car again. we will also remove the existing steering lock if its jammed on.

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