Car Key Repair

Car Key Repair

We are aware that the technology behind cars has developed rapidly, and that they have an amazing range of materials, innovative safety measures and now better drive than ever before. However, car keys are still vulnerable. Whether it’s a metal key, a remote key or a proximity key, we rely on them to open our car doors, start the engine and lock the car again.
There are so many physical or technical issues you can face with car keys, and because of this we have invested in a wide variety of stock, so that, if you cant afford a total key replacement, a key repair may be the answer? dealers don’t do this!!

That’s why it’s so important that car key repair services are just a tap away.

City Auto Locksmiths

This is a simple standard/flat car key, this will only start the car and mechanically gain access and lock the car again.

Then along came the basic remote key that using 433mhz remotely locked and unlocked the car

Flip keys were next in line, working the same way as its predecessor but you are able to conveniently fold the key blade away after use.

Mercedes are fitted with a completely different type of key system and use RF and IR frequency to operate. all of which can be fixed if you break the key.

The last type of key system we see is the proximity system that allows you to open the door without pressing a button and allows you to to start the car via a switch. All of this whilst the key is kept in your pocket or bag.

Common Car Key Issues

Although cars have come on leaps and bounds over the last few decades, and are now more rugged than ever before, the same, cant unfortunately be said for their keys!! from a simple metal key to a now elaborate proximity system and everything in between, keys have never been so fragile. we can repair on site without further damage being sustained to them.


A key fob that is dropped repeatedly - each time it lands, the likelihood increases that either the casing will be damaged, which would be visible, or the complicated electronics inside, which you know nothing about until they stop working. And the further the key fob falls, the more likely it is to be damaged when it hits the ground.

A winter morning means frozen door locks - and no matter how careful we are, one turn too many can cause the head of the key blade to break off and the now useless blade to get stuck in the door lock.

The circuit board inside

 of a key fob can control several functions, most importantly locking and unlocking the doors. However, it is not indestructible and any landing from any height increases the likelihood of a malfunction.

We have the perfect acument and technologies to test the entire circuit board and if we discover any damage, we can replace it. We find that a faulty microswitch is probably the most common fault on the board. Fortunately, it is very easy to replace, so the key fob is fully functional again.

Normal wear and tear will deform the unique incisions on the key blade over time. If these indentations deviate even the slightest bit from the format of the vehicle's door lock and/or ignition lock barrels, the key will no longer function properly and must be replaced.

The key fob was accidentally caught under the wheels of the car or some other weight - unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think.

excessive turning of the key in the door and ignition lock along with metal fatigue can cause the knuckle to become weak. eventually this breaks and causes the key to fall out and become useless

excessive pushing of the remote buttons and plastic degrading over time causes the protective casing over the buttons to wear away. this causes damage to the key and will eventually stop it from working.

Key blade bent - even if they are made of metal, it does not mean that key blades are super strong: If you accidentally press them against a hard surface, or even shop them in the bottom of a handbag, they can bend. Maybe it takes a while, but it can definitely make you happy.

Why choose City Auto Locksmiths ?

City Auto Locksmiths can fix 

City Auto Locksmiths repairs broken, broken or damaged keys, damaged cases, damaged keypads, battery replacement, emergency car lock services.
All this is done at your time and place. You can call on us at our workshop or send us the keys by post. Our promise to you is that we will always try to repair, but if repair is not possible, we will recommend a new car key, a folding key or a key fob. If you are in our catchment area, you do not have to tow your car home or to another location; we will come to you!
Our advantages:
State-of-the-art equipment, including the latest software, well-trained professionals, low-cost repair or replacement keys with a minimum of inconvenience.
We are equipped and ready for any eventuality.
Call us, from 08:00 to 22:00, seven days a week.