There can be number of scenarios because of which you might need to replace your car keys  .

You may not be able to find your original keys, original key gets broken, you may lock your keys inside your car or your Car keys  simply does not work! In all these scenarios you will need experienced, qualified and properly-equipped automobile locksmith company like us. 

The best part of City Auto Locksmith services is that you don’t even have to bring your car to us, there is no need to go through that hassle anymore. Simply place a call and we will come to you!


  • Greater London;
  • Luton Airport;
  • Heathrow Airport;
  • Stansted Airport;
  • Gatwick Airport;
  • City Airport;
  • Counties and its towns and cities: East Sussex;
    1. West Sussex;
    2. Hampshire;
    3. Essex;
    4. Surrey;
    5. Berkshire;
    6. Buckinghamshire;
    7. Hertfordshire;
    8. Middlesex;
    9. Kent.
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Benefits of City Auto Locksmiths

  1. We are a leading company when it comes to car key services at your location, in south London and Kent
  2. There are many locksmiths out there, but by choosing us you get a trusted service by qualified technicians
    Although we offer such niche services, we do not charge high prices.
  3. We can work on most makes and models of vehicle currently on the road. (We cover pretty much all vehicle makes and models on the road today, as listed on our makes and models web page. Call us on 07980765125 as we may not have added that make and model to our list yet).
  4. If you are still unsure, then please read thousands of our reviews from satisfied customers!

When calling us for help:

  • Your exact location
  • A description of your problem
  • Your vehicle make and model
  • Your vehicle registration
  • Whether you’ve got your key (or parts of it) to hand
  • Whether your vehicle’s door locks or ignition mechanism are original or have been replaced
  • You’ll also need to prove that you own the vehicle when our technician reaches you.