Stop your Car from Becoming a Target of Car Thieves Today

Ever had that sinking feeling when you spot an empty space where your car once stood? It’s a shocking, devastating sensation that nobody should have to experience. How to stop your car from becoming a target of car thieves is the question on every driver’s lips, especially as tech-savvy criminals get smarter.

We’re not just talking about the old ‘smash and grab’. Oh no! Thieves have moved with the times – they now exploit keyless entry systems and sophisticated methods that would give James Bond villains a run for their money!

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We’ll also delve into the use of Faraday pouches, an innovative solution that secures keyless cars against hacking attempts. With these practical measures in place, you can confidently protect your vehicle from sophisticated theft techniques.

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Understanding Car Theft Techniques

Car thieves have been getting craftier with their methods. Keyless entry theft, a favourite amongst these opportunistic individuals, accounted for 36% of car thefts in 2023. But how do they pull off this stealthy trick?

Keyless Entry Theft Evolution

In the past, a thief would need to physically break into your vehicle or steal your keys. Modern technology has made it easier for them to gain access without needing either.

Home Office reports indicate that relay theft is now a popular technique among tech-savvy thieves who are targeting keyless cars more frequently than traditional vehicles.

The process involves two criminals working together using electronic signal-relay devices – one standing near the house to pick up signals from the key fob and another by the car capturing those signals to unlock it. Once inside, they can start and drive away with ease.

Besides relay attacks, there’s also close range testing where crooks use amplifiers on weak radio frequencies emitted by keys indoors while other methods include code grabbing or even app hacking. This means you’re not safe just because you’ve locked up tight.

Sophisticated Thieves Steal Cars Too Easily

You might be thinking “Well my Land Rover Discovery isn’t going anywhere.”. However remember that some high-end models like Range Rovers have proven easy targets due to vulnerabilities in their security systems. The truth is no vehicle is completely immune from being stolen if determined thieves want what’s parked in your driveway.

So let’s fight back against these thieves and keep our beloved vehicles safe. Comprehending these procedures is the initial move towards guaranteeing we don’t become a straightforward target for auto burglars.

Anti-Theft Devices and Their Importance

Car theft is a rising concern, with the Home Office reporting a shocking 50% increase over the last five years. But fear not. You have weapons in your arsenal to combat these opportunist thieves: anti-theft devices.

Steering Wheel Locks as Deterrents

A good old-fashioned steering wheel lock can work wonders for car safety. When faced with one of these contraptions, many would-be burglars might decide it’s just not worth their time.

Stoplock Pro Steering Wheel Lock, for instance, is an excellent deterrent that can make any thief think twice before attempting to steal your vehicle. For those after something more substantial, why not try the Disklok Steering Wheel Lock? The Disklok Steering Wheel Lock might be right up your alley.

Alarms – The Sound of Security

We’ve all heard them – loud, blaring alarms sounding off in the middle of the night because someone dared touch a shiny Range Rover on our street. Annoying? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

An alarm system doesn’t just startle potential intruders; it draws attention too – lots of it. And let’s face it, even cocky car thieves don’t like being in the spotlight when they’re trying to do their dirty deeds under cover of darkness.

No one wants their beloved Ford Fiesta or Land Rover Discovery ending up as another statistic on next year’s Home Office report. Let’s put the measures we have to good use and give these car crooks a challenge.

The Role of GPS Trackers in Vehicle Security

GPS trackers have come to be seen as a source of optimism in the struggle against car burglary. Their use is growing in popularity, and for good cause.

Last year, 94% of all cars recovered by a tracing company were victims of keyless entry theft. This alarming stat underscores the importance of additional security measures like GPS trackers.

How GPS Trackers Work

A common question about these devices is how they operate to prevent car thefts. Well, think about them as your personal watchdog that never sleeps.

Their magic lies within their ability to pinpoint precise locations using satellite signals. Once installed in your vehicle, it sends real-time location updates via smartphone app or computer interface.

This constant surveillance helps you keep an eye on your ride round-the-clock and alert authorities swiftly if anything goes amiss. It’s like having Big Brother watching over your beloved motor – only this time, it’s a welcome intrusion.

If thieves steal vehicles with active GPS trackers fitted inside them (they obviously don’t ask first), recovery rates skyrocket compared to those without such gadgets onboard.

Amatrac Car Tracker, for example, has helped numerous individuals retrieve their stolen cars quickly. So while some might say ‘ignorance is bliss,’ when it comes to securing our prized possessions from prying eyes and nimble fingers, knowledge (and a bit of technology) is definitely power.

By investing in GPS trackers, you’re taking a proactive step towards enhancing your vehicle’s security. Not only is it about getting back stolen cars, but also producing a landscape where car robbers find fewer potential victims.

Securing Your Keyless Car

The rise of keyless entry systems has left many car owners questioning the security of their vehicles. As reported in 2023, keyless entry accounted for a staggering 36% of all incidents where thieves were able to gain access and steal cars.

Faraday Pouches – An Effective Shield?

If you’ve ever wondered how to protect your vehicle from such attacks, Faraday pouches might be an answer. These simple devices are designed to block signal transmission between your key fob and your car.

By placing your keys inside a Faraday pouch, you can prevent potential thieves from intercepting and duplicating the signal needed to unlock and start your car. It’s like putting up an invisible shield around your keys.

This doesn’t mean that it’s foolproof though. A few cases have been noted where signals managed to break through cheaper versions of these pouches but with high-quality ones like this signal-blocking box, you should be on the safer side.

Beyond Faradays, other ways exist too for keeping those sneaky fingers away from unlocking what isn’t theirs; we’ll get into more details soon. Remember, even Superman had kryptonite.

The Importance of Secure Parking

One key step to keep your car safe from prying eyes and eager hands is secure parking. It’s not just about finding a spot, but also considering the safety features available in that location.

When you’re out and about, aim for well-lit areas or secured car parks. The added presence of security cameras can deter opportunistic thieves who prefer easy targets. In 2017 alone, around 85,000 cars were stolen in the UK, so don’t make it an easy deal for these wrongdoers.

If possible park close to building entrances or near busy roads where passers-by might act as inadvertent sentinels against theft attempts.

A Home Base: Your Locked Garage

At home, a locked garage provides an excellent layer of protection for your vehicle – both against theft and weather damage. Even modern cars with advanced anti-theft systems can fall prey to sophisticated thieves if left on open driveways overnight.

A Land Rover Discovery may look imposing parked outside your house but remember that popular models like this are commonly stolen due to their high value.

In Sight But Out Of Reach: Window Etching And VIN Stickers

Your car’s distinctive Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) should be utilised to your advantage – it can’t be replicated. By etching this number onto windows or applying visible stickers showcasing the VIN, you create another hurdle for would-be criminals seeking a quick steal vehicle opportunity.

Last Line Of Defence: Steering Wheel Locks & Other Deterrents

Stoplock Pro and Disklok steering wheel locks are effective, visual deterrents. These locks render it difficult for a thief to drive away, even if they gain access to the car.

In conclusion, it’s not wise to solely trust the security measures given by car manufacturers. Where you decide to park also plays a significant role.

Key Takeaway: 


Securing your parking spot is a key deterrent for car thieves. Well-lit areas, secure car parks or locations equipped with security cameras can make your vehicle less appealing to those looking for an easy steal. At home, the added layer of protection provided by a locked garage could be invaluable. Don’t overlook additional preventative measures like window etching and steering wheel locks – they might just tip the scales in making your car more hassle than it’s worth to potential criminals.

FAQs in Relation to How to Stop Your Car From Becoming a Target of Car Thieves

How do I proof my car for theft?

You can deter thieves by using anti-theft devices like steering wheel locks and alarms. Secure parking areas and CCTV can also help.

How can I reduce my car theft risk?

To cut your risk, use GPS trackers, secure keyless entry systems with Faraday pouches, and always park in safe places with good lighting.

How do you disable your car so it can’t be stolen?

To immobilise your vehicle against thieves, remove the electronic ignition fuse or battery terminal when parked up for long periods.

How do I stop my car from remotely theft?

Avoid remote theft by securing keyless fobs in signal-blocking pouches. Regularly update software to fix any security loopholes too.


Stopping your car from becoming a target of car thieves isn’t rocket science. It’s about understanding the methods they use and taking steps to outsmart them.

Steering wheel locks, alarms, GPS trackers – these are more than just devices. They’re essential tools in preventing thefts by making your vehicle less appealing to opportunistic criminals.

Keyless entry systems might seem like an easy steal for tech-savvy crooks but remember Faraday pouches? That’s how you shield yourself against such attacks.

Parking securely can make all the difference too. A locked garage or monitored car park deters prying eyes better than a dimly lit alley ever will!

In short, if you’ve understood How to Stop Your Car from Becoming a Target of Car Thieves then protecting what’s yours should now be easier than before!