UK’s Most Stolen Cars: Are You at Risk? | What To do To Stay Safe from Thieves?

Over 100,000 cars are stolen annually in the UK, making it a persistent problem. The terrible truth is that some car types and models are more prone than others to be targeted by thieves. As a result, it’s critical for car owners to be aware of the most commonly stolen models of vehicles in the UK and to take appropriate precautions to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.

According to the most recent data from the top provider of crime statistics, the three most stolen cars in the UK last year were the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, and last year the Volkswagen Golf. Due to the huge demand for these popular models in the used market last year and how simple it is to sell them quickly for a profit, thieves frequently target them.

In this blog post and article, we will look at the most stolen automobiles in the UK and what you can do to lessen the likelihood of your vehicle being the most stolen. We will go into statistics and research revealing the trends in car thefts, giving you information on the sorts of automobiles that are most regularly stolen, where theft is most common, and the tactics used by criminals to steal cars.

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Which Ones Are UK’s Most Stolen Cars?

Popular vehicles that regularly get stolen are popular cars are the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus. This vehicle has been a stalwart of the UK market for almost 20 years and has constantly been among the top-selling vehicles in the nation. Because it is a multipurpose vehicle that both commuters and families can use, it is a desirable target for thieves.

The third most often stolen vehicle in the UK is a Volkswagen Golf. Since it entered the UK market more than 40 years ago, this model has continuously ranked among the most well-liked vehicles there. Since thieves are drawn to it because of its reputation for dependability, performance, and build quality, thefts often.

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It’s crucial to remember that other popular models are equally vulnerable, even though these three vehicles are the most stolen models. For instance, because they are pricey and in high demand, the Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Discovery are common targets for thieves. Similar to how the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class are regularly top stolen vehicles due to their popularity among executives and professionals.

How Thieves Steal UK’s Most Stolen Cars? | Technique Used in Car Theft

In terms of auto theft, it’s equally critical to exercise caution. Never leave valuables in the front door or open them when leaving your car; always lock them. Thieves are opportunistic and are more likely to target cars with goods inside than most popular cars that are simple to steal.

Keyless Entry Theft

It’s also critical to be knowledgeable about the techniques auto thieves employ. One of the most popular techniques is keyless entry theft, in which criminals use a tool to amplify the signal from your key fob and break into your vehicle. You may avoid this by securing your key fob in a Faraday bag, which blocks the signal and keeps burglars out of sight of your car.


Cloning of keyless vehicles is another technique with keyless tech that criminals employ. Using the code from your key fob, they make a replica of your car key. Use a signal-blocking pouch to stop this from happening so thieves can’t grab the code by blocking the signal from your key fob.

Keeping an eye on your surroundings is essential when parking your car. Avoid parking in isolated, dark areas since criminals are more likely to be drawn to them. Instead, park in heavily used areas that are well-lit because doing so will get unwanted attention from strangers and make it more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle covertly.

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What To Do To Stay Safe from Thieves? | Prevent Car Theft

What can you do to prevent car theft? Here are a few pieces of advice:

Purchase A Dependable Steering Wheel Lock

Installing steering wheel locks in your range rovers. Mercedes C class, or most stolen car, is an efficient approach to stop burglars from taking your car. They function by immobilizing the cars in the UK the steering wheel, which makes it challenging for the burglar to drive or walk away with the vehicle. It’s a crucial for to pick a steering wheel lock that works with your vehicle because numerous varieties are on the market.

Put A Car Alarm On

Another reliable method for preventing auto theft is to install a car alarm. Most contemporary vehicles come standard with a car alarm, but if yours doesn’t, you may always get one fitted. When someone tries to break into your car, a car alarm will sound, alerting you and anybody close to the theft.

Park in a Crowded Place

Thieves prefer to operate in isolated, dark places with less than security measures and a lower risk of being detected. Stealing your car unnoticed is far more challenging for criminals if you park it in a well-lit place with security around. Try to leave your vehicle in a secure lot or garage if possible.

Install a GPS tagging System

If your automobile or property is stolen, a GPS tracking device may be able to help you or the police find it. These gadgets or electronic devices can be covertly installed in your car and communicate the vehicle’s location to a central monitoring facility. The tracking device will make it easy for police and the authorities to find your automobile if it is stolen.

Be Watchful or Cautious

Last but not least, exercising caution regarding the risk of auto theft is critical. When leaving your automobile, always lock it, never down windows or leave valuables on display. Because they are opportunistic, thieves are more likely to target valuable cars stolen and simple cars to steal.

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